Autotel Program Updates -

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This page contains the latest versions of Autotel for Windows platforms.

AUTOTEL PROGRAM (Main program autotel.exe) -

Autotel Update for 2009 now available. If you have a prior version 4.0 - you
must buy the update to receive the newest program files.
To order, please see home page. 

The download below is not meant for users who have updated with the 2009 update.

WINDOWS VERSION-(Version 9.0 and higher Only) 01/12/2009+

You must have the 2009 update for Autotel for this file to work. You must not, must not use this file on Autotel bought before the year 2009. This is version 9.0.1 and replaces 9.0.0

Keep in mind, this is a program update and does not change the database. The latest database comes with the latest update.

Download the following file (Please see below)  > Autotel.exe    (2/04/2009)

bulletTo do this, right click the "Autotel.exe" link and choose "Save Target As . . ."
bulletIn the "Save As"  window, find the folder "Program Files" and the sub folder "Autotel" and click "Save"
bulletThe next window will say "c:\Program Files\Autotel.exe already exists. Do you want to replace it ?"
Click "Yes"
bulletYou have now updated Autotel to the latest program version.
bulletThe above assumes you installed Autotel in the default folder. If you installed Autotel in another folder,
you will need to find this folder instead of the default "Program Files/Autotel"

If you find any errors in program, please call me.
Thank You
Bob Thompson
R&H Wholesale   800-367-5625